Terms of Use

The following restrictions apply when using the "KoeTra" application ( hereafter referred to as "the app") and the corresponding voice communication service ( here after referred to as "the service") provided by FEAT Limited.

  1. All input voice data, figures, photos, words, maps, translation results, location information, and operation history will be saved on a server. Saved data may be used for the advancement of voice communication technology. However, no voice data, figures, photos, maps, or translation results will be made public as they are.
  2. Registered phrases can be used within the application and by the service, or may be provided/publicized for use by the general public. However, the phrases will be used only after the personal information associated with them has been removed.
  3. The service may be revised, supplemented, modified, or halted at any point without prior notification.
  4. The user is responsible for all costs from communication fees that result from usage of the app and the service.
  5. There are times when communication fees from using the app and the service may be expensive.
  6. The Apple Licensed Application End User License Agreement applies when using the app and the service.