(Obstacle Information)

Q: When "KoeTra" is loaded on the iPad, the screen becomes completely black and it is unusable.
A: This phenomenon occurs when KoeTra is loaded on an iPad that is in a landscape position. Unlock the rotation lock, and after once restarting your iPad, please try loading "KoeTra" while in portrait position.


Q: How can I erase the conversation history?
A: Please see the manual.
Q: What should I do if I want to hear the same speech one more time?
A: Tap the speaker icon located on the upper left of the screen.

(Speech Recognition)

Q: Every time I press the mic button and speak all I get is "Speech processing has failed."
A: Set "Settings-->Privacy-->Microphone-->KoeTra" to ON.
Q: I can't perform speech recognition. The mic button won't become enabled.
A: A server connection was not established at startup. Please confirm that your network is connected to the internet.
Q: Please tell me the Bluetooth headsets that can be used.
A: Please use the following combinations.

(Required specifications)
  Bluetooth3.0 or later
  HFP1.6 and HD Voice ( mSBC) are required


(Performance has been confirmed for the following headsets)
  Jabra SUPREME (recommended)
  Jabra EXTREME2
  Motorola HX550


(For iOS related hardware)
  iPhone4S or later
  iPod touch 5th or later
  iPad2 or later
  iPad mini first generation or later


(Opinions ・Questions)

Q: Is there anything good that happens from sending my opinion or a request?
A: Your requests will be reflected in the application.
Q: If I ask a question through mail, will I receive a response?
A: Yes. However, there is a possibility that the response may get caught in the junk mail filter or, according to the mobile device or mail settings, received mail will be rejected.
If you would like to make an inquiry, please be sure that you can receive mail from koetra.jp beforehand.

(Corresponding Models)

Q: What are the corresponding models?
A: iPhones with iOS10.3 or later, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Q: I cannot find KoeTra for iPad or iPad Mini.
A: When searching on the App Store, please select "iPhone App".


Q: Is there a usage fee?
A: As speech recognition and speech synthesis use cloud processing, there is a data transfer fee.


Q: Can I use it without connecting to a network?
A: All features other than speech recognition, speech synthesis, and map display can be used.
Q: It's telling me that speech recognition cannot be used.
A: When you are not connected to a network, speech recognition and speech synthesis cannot be used. Please try it in a location that has a strong signal.